Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How does FB-Tracker hack Facebook account?
To remotely hack an account with FB-Tracker, we exploit Facebook and vulnerability of cellular network protocol. Combining the approaches, we can track a phone number to which a social network account is linked via URL, recover access to account and intercept SMS with confirmation code. After that, the target account will be authorized in the virtual device and account data will be provided on the Dashboard.
How many hacking sessions can I launch using one FB-Tracker account?
FB-Tracker can simultaneously track up to five different accounts. Simultaneous launch of several tracking sessions will cost you less. The price of service depends on the number of launched sessions. Check our pricing plans for more information.
Does FB-Tracker require any preliminary setup?
Nope. FB-Tracker is a web application, which uses the third-party software to support all the features. It has the browser user interface therefore you won't have to download and install any additional applications.
Can Facebook account holder notice that his account has been hacked?
Social network security mechanisms cannot identify a hacking attempt. Account holder can only learn about this if you are doing something with his account once logged in to the Facebook account.
How long will I be able to access hacked account data?
We take single payment for hacking session. So, having paid for hacking session once, you get permanent access to both past and future data in the target Facebook account. The only thing that can prevent regular data update is password change by account holder.
Will I get password to hacked account?
Yes, you will find the password to hacked account on your Dashboard.
Will I be able to see the remote messages?
Nope, Facebook data log doesn't contain remote messages.
Will I be able to send messages from compromised account?
It is impossible to perform any actions with hacked account via FB-Tracker interface. We also do not recommend using the received password to log in to Facebook and perform any actions on the compromised account as it may lead to exposure of the hacking attempt, subsequent password change by the account owner and failure to update the data archive.
What is the size of the data archive provided after hacking?
The archive size depends on the number of files in the archive and their size.
Can I get access to the voice and video calls?
FB-Tracker lets user view call log therefore you will be able to learn to whom and when account holder was calling to. Note that you won't be able to get to know what the calls were about.
How to replenish FB-Tracker account?
You can replenish FB-Tracker account using the common payment methods or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, and Ripple.
I forgot the password to FB-Tracker account. What shall I do?
To ensure maximum anonymity, we use end-to-end encryption algorithms when working with the passwords, that is, the password to your FB-Tracker account is not stored in our database. If you lose your password, you will have to register new account.