Online App Operating Principles And Algorithms

The role of SS7 vulnerability

Interception of SMS with a code to restore access to the target account.
To launch the Facebook hacking session you need only specify a URL of a target page. In a few minutes, the app will provide you with a link to a downloadable file package containing compromised credentials (login and password) and a complete target profile backup history.

Stages of online app operation:

Identifying an account-bind number based on a page URL

Activating software to attack the mobile carrier protocol SS7

Monitoring outgoing traffic generated by a cellular operatorя

Interception of a system message containing a confirmation code

Compromising credentials and transferring a target account

Exporting target account backup history to a user archive

Security scanning of files and downloadable link generating

Updating a request by defining account entry points on the map.

After hacking a Facebook account using FBTracker the history of messages, audio messages and group chats for the entire existence of the account will appear in your personal account. The story will include correspondence from the web version and from the Facebook Messenger app.

With a verification code one` can compromise authorization credentials of a target profile and start generating a user archive, which contains the following: login and password for authorization, Messenger app chat history of a target, wall posts, likes and comments made by a target user, as well as info on visited places with indication of location points.

A client specifies a URL of a target Facebook page to activate the mechanism for determining a phone number bind to this target account. Next, FB-Tracker™ takes control over outgoing traffic generated by a relevant cellular operator and intercepts a service SMS containing a verification code.