Hacking Facebook Groups and Admin Pages

Accessing Statistics and Chats of Public Accounts

Update 3.1: Added flexible notifications

Profile link, username, or phone number linked to a profile can be used for hacking

FBTracker is a universal software for hacking Facebook accounts. In addition to the possibilities of hacking an account and gaining access to correspondence and account activity, an add-on is available to the application that allows you to read the correspondence and view the statistics of a public page if the hacked user is its administrator, editor or moderator.

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Hacking Facebook Groups
FB-Tracker: Hacking Public Facebook Pages

If it is necessary to highlight the main advantages of the service

We can safely note the advantages listed below:

Loyal pricing

We do not charge for hacking each publique or group separately - when hacking a Facebook user's pageYou get access to all of the public pages he administers at once. We do not set a limit on the number of publics or the size of the database collected.

User-friendly interface

Interface of the FBTracker control panel. The pages are designed with an eye to the Facebook page administration panel. This is done so that users do not have to figure out how the software works for a long time and immediately go to work with the received data.

Regular updates

FBTracker is constantly evolving. We regularly release updates in which we improve the interface of the dashboard, expand the functionality of the application. In addition, we promptly respond to all bug reports and user suggestions, and are constantly working to bring something new to the product.

Security and privacy

Facebook's security system is particularly sensitive to any suspicious activity concerning pages. The pages use a third-party interface: the user gets access to all information without authorization in the social network. Thus, the software protects the hacker from traces left (for example, IP addresses) and accidental actions.

How it works?

FBTracker gives you access to the following data packages:

Before using the FB Tracker. Pages, please make sure that the user whose profile you intend to hack is really the administrator, editor or moderator of the pages you need. If the user has any other role on the page or does not manage it at all, you will not get access to the necessary data.

Login and password

Access data to the account of the hacked user

As with the standard version of FBTracker, when hacked, the user is provided with a login and password to log in to the hacked account. However, we strongly do not recommend using them — in case of authorization from a suspicious IP, Facebook's mechanisms may suspect hacking. This may lead to a password change and subsequent loss of access to the account.


View sent messages

Incoming and outgoing messages of pages and groups

  • To the moon ... 🚀 🤣
  • What's your name? We can figure out how to spend the evening
  • Either I'm going crazy or this cat just knocked on the door '😹😹
  • Interesting offer 😊

The Messages tab in the FBTracker Personal Account displays both correspondence and the history of user interaction with the chatbot. When viewing sent messages, the software also shows which of the administrators or moderators sent the message. In addition, it is possible to view customized scenarios for the chatbot.

Data archives and audience

Data archive

The whole database of downloaded data is available for downloading in a ZIP-archive. The archive will contain text files, table files with statistical data, photos and videos attached to the messages in the public chats. Before downloading the archive, make sure you have enough space in the memory of your device.

3 - 50 files 34 files
3 files 50 MB 26, 2024
Important documents.xlsx
12 files 27 MB * 4, 2024
Text messages
36 files 67 MB * 7, 2024

In order to access the data of a public page or group:

Create a FB-Tracker account

Complete registration by entering your email address or logging in with Facebook, Google or Instagram. After confirming registration, provide a link to the administrator profile of the page you want to hack.

Choose a pricing plan

To access the data of administered public page, you need to choose the FB-Tracker.Pages pricing plan. Please note that you might not be able to access the data when paying for the use of standard version of FB-Tracker.

Wait for a successful hack

Hacking usually won't take more than 15 minutes. The software will download the database of the hacked page, adapt it to the Dashboard interface, and convert the data into an archive available for download.

Customer Reviews

Read about our customers' experience in the Customer Reviews tab

star star star star star5

Used it to hack the community. Quality software, really tracks a lot of data, didn't even think it was possible. All I had to do was to take over the community and at the same time I got access to the "series" about the life and wailing of its former owner :)) Credit, all in all, write more!

ca Canada
instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

I bought the app to take away the Facebook community, which has been abandoned for quite some time. I succeeded, now I own a page for 40k subscribers, I sell advertising :)) In the future, I may expand my account if I find more similar options. In general, everything is 5+, the application is completely satisfied, and the purchase has fully paid off.

in India
facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

I have been controlling my parents' smartphones for a long time. They are aged and can make rash actions, I am very worried about them. It's good that you can track multiple accounts.

sa Saudi Arabia
instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

I read my boyfriend's correspondence from my Galaxy smartphone and now I am completely reassured that he is faithful to me. I would do anything to stop being constantly jealous and worried about the safety of our relationship.

at Austria
instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

To be honest, hacking Facebook has changed my view of the modern world a little. I can really spy on a person in another country just by looking at the browser page from time to time!

us USA
facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

I hacked my girlfriend's chat message to find out how honest she is with me. I created an account, paid (by the way, the price is very adequate, I was pleased), and in just a few seconds the hacking was completed. The application shows all profile messages, you can receive notifications about new messages and other activities. In general, 9 out of 10, everything is fine

fr France
Google Google
Still have questions? We will be happy to answer them: If you want to leave feedback or make a suggestion, you can do it in the Customer Reviews or contact support service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that can appear while using the software:

How do I hack a page or group without knowing who is administering it?
A page or a group can be hacked with FB-Tracker only through hacking the admin page. However, quite often information about administrators is available in the public domain. To find out who is managing a page or a group, click the Information tab in the control panel of page content on the left. Then find the Administrators and Moderators section. This information is public by default.
Will I be able to see hidden page reviews?
Yes, when a page is hacked, FB-Tracker gains access to the content of reviews even if the section of interest was previously hidden by the administrators.
Will I get access to the ad account data?
You will only be able to see the statistics of advertised posts, which is available to any administrator of the page where the particular post was published.
Will I be able to run the ads using the means of a hacked user?
No, having hacked the target account, you won't gain a control over the ad account of the account holder.

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