The Bulletproof Way of Hacking Facebook Without Having Access to Device | FB-Tracker™

Spyware for hacking Facebook - guaranteed ways and ineffective solutions. Learn how to get a full activity history of the target profile and remain anonymous.

Modern software allows you to access any Facebook account worldwide. For this, you only need to have a fast Internet connection. Some software works perfectly and successfully tackles assigned tasks whereas the other applications only collect money from the users without giving them anything in return. The question is what way of hacking Facebook will give a bulletproof result without harming your computer/smartphone or a victim's device.

A guaranteed way to hack Facebook

Let's check first how the popular Facebook spyware works to see if it is so efficient as the developers claim.

Facebook Spyware: How It Works

The developers of the most popular spyware such as Spyzie or mSpy state that it can collect full information about user activity in social networks. Yet, it must be installed on the victim's device.

That is, a person who wants to hack someone else's Facebook account must first gain physical access to the victim's computer or smartphone, install the selected program (the installation process can take quite a long time) and configure it. Moreover, all this must be done unnoticed by the owner of the page on the social network. If this is your spouse or child, then this option may work, but with a colleague, friend or business partner you are unlikely to be able to pull off such a "trick". But let's look further.

Facebook Spies are paid programs that you have to pay for first before you can try them out. If the program is not compatible with the smartphone model or does not work entirely correctly on the target device, then you will simply waste your money. You will not be able to legally return the amount paid and refuse to use the application, since most programs are illegal, therefore, their purchase and use can be qualified as an offense.

Another disadvantage of spyware is its tracking rate. Although the developers guarantee that the software monitors user activity only in the background mode and practically does not consume device resources, in reality it looks a little different. Yes, the phone battery is less likely to run out of power, yet spyware activity will be most certainly traceable in the list of running applications. And if a novice user or a small child may not even notice the third-party software, more advanced users will definitely pay attention to it.

But is it even possible to hack someone else's Facebook account without using the victim's phone, installing additional software on it or spending money on the useless applications? Yes, you can do it and we will review the most effective spyware below.

The Bulletproof Way of Hacking the Target Facebook Account

Great way of hacking a landing page should have several distinguishing features such as high resiliency, cross-platformity and anonymity. That is, the proper application should operate effectively regardless of the brand, model and OS of the victim's device and the device used for hacking. Application activity should be untraceable and not linked to a person interested in it.

FB-Tracker fully meets all the specified criteria. This application has the following features:

  • It runs from a browser on any device (PC, smartphone or tablet);
  • It works offline on a remote server;
  • It uses end-to-end encryption algorithms during data transfer;
  • It independently gains access to the target account.

To hack the target account, just enter a URL of the target page in the corresponding field and click the Launch button. It will take about 10 to 15 minutes from the software to tackle the task. Then the software will provide a protected archive with information about the victim's activity on the social network.

FB-Tracker exploits the vulnerability of mobile network operators, that is, a so-called hole in the security of SS7 signaling protocols. The program automatically launches a landing page on a social network on a remote server, intercepts an SMS with a verification code sent by the system and gets full access to the chat history, multimedia files and other personal information of the FB user. The obtained information is exported to a user archive, which is then scanned for viruses and sent to the attacker.

To remain anonymous, you should neither log in to the target account nor perform any actions with it. Thus, you shouldn't send any messages from this account, delete or add the posts and multimedia files or change subscriptions and the list of friends. Otherwise FB-Tracker will ensure complete confidentiality of the attack.