Track Facebook Without Having Access to the Device | FB-Tracker™

How to track Facebook page by means of monitoring social network account?

The best feature of this online application is its cross-platformity. The software is equally compatible with Android, IOS, Windows and MacOS. You can enjoy the advantages of this application on these platforms via single Dashboard. You just need to launch a monitoring session by specifying the page URL or phone number.

Track Facebook Without Having Access to the Device | FB-Tracker™

Facebook is one of the most popular messaging apps in the social media industry. The overall popularity of the company and this particular application is overwhelming, and there are many good reasons for this. The application has managed to easily bridge the communication gap because it offers the services completely free of charge and users can communicate with the loved ones and friends worldwide.

Why FB-Tracker is considered the best Facebook tracking platform?

Nowadays, there are many web applications for monitoring a social network account. They can help users track their loved ones and make sure they are safe. Such applications connect to a Facebook account to compromise the required data and monitor account owners in real time.

  1. Confidentiality Tracking is a very confidential thing. Thus, if someone uses certain application, it is important for him to stay anonymous. And when it comes to applications for tracking someone else's profile, you need to be completely sure that your data is well protected and cannot be disclosed to the third parties.
  2. Optimal Rates The App Store and Google Play offer many different account monitoring apps of varying efficiency. But only FB-Tracker offers powerful features at a minimum price. The cost of rendered services is very low, considering all additionally provide packages, and this is an indisputable competitive advantage.
  3. Safe Source Code Follow These Steps to Track Facebook Facebook hack using the online application is completely safe and cannot cause any significant harm to the user's equipment or the owner of the compromised account.

Steps to track Facebook

Launch monitoring session

Launch the FB-Tracker session to start monitoring Facebook including call logs, text messages, GPS location and any other actions made by a compromised user.

Provide a link to the target profile or a phone number

It takes around 5 to 10 minutes from application to hack, process and export hacked data to the Dashboard. If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesistate to contact the Customer Support, which operates 24/7.

Choose a pricing plan

Choose the appropriate pricing plan that meets your requirements and replenish account balance using any of the available payment methods. As soon as your purchase is confirmed, you will receive an automatic email with further instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that may arise when working with the software.

Is it possible to identify the message recipient?
Go to the Dashboard to see the time of sending and receiving a message as well as its status and the name of a sender or a recipient.
Do I need to have physical access to the phone to launch a monitoring session?
No, to launch the Facebook profile monitoring session, you just have to indicate a page URL or a phone number of the account owner. FB-Tracker algorithms ensure remote monitoring of hacking process.
Can an account owner determine that their account is being tracked?
FB-Tracker operates discreetly at every working stage. However, a user can reveal the monitoring session by making changes to the hacked account.
How do I know who I correspond with the most on Facebook?
Specifically for this, we have developed a tool that analyzes the activity of the monitored user in the background and displays the results of the analysis in the form of infographics.